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 Trivitron is the largest Medical Technology Company of Indian origin, offering 360 degrees solution in Laboratory Medicine, Imaging - Ultrasound Machine, Critical & Cardiac Care, Operating Room, and Ophthalmology along with providing expert consulting services. Touching million lives every day, ‘Trivitron’ has engraved its name across pan India and also in the international arena such as South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

For every problem in the human body, the doctors follow a simple two step process. Before beginning the treatment, they have to know what the actual problem inside the patient’s body is! In order to figure that out, they are depending on several advanced medical devices. One such is commonly used device is the X-Ray Equipment. It is a device used to generate X-Ray images of an object inside.
Ever wondered how X-Rays work?

X-Ray transcends the skin and captures the image of the inside body. Generally, an X-Ray Equipment consists of three main parts. They are X-Ray source or generator (X-Ray Tube), Analog or Digital imaging system and Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). The X-Ray Tube serves as the heart of the X-Ray Equipment. Similar to the functions of a vacuum tube, the X-Ray tube here has a Cathode, which directs a stream of electrons into a vacuum, and an anode, which collects the electrons and is made of copper to evacuate the heat generated by the collision. When these electrons collide with the target, about 1% of them will be converted into X-Rays and the remaining will be dissipated as heat. Tungsten is identified as an efficient target material for the whole process. For best image results, a Scanner is used.
ICU Equipment

After identifying the problem, the second step of the process is ‘treatment’. If the issue is big and needs immediate attention or 24 hour surveillance, doctors recommend the patient to be kept in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Trivitron is equipped to design and deliver the ultimate ICUequipment and Operating Room - a completely customizable, state-of-the-art combination of best-in-class technologies. They are being credited with the establishment of the most efficient ICU Equipment in leading hospitals of India.

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